Our Process

One of our key aims is to guide you through a seamless renovation experience.

Process Summary

In very short words, almost all renovation projects can be categorized into 8 steps. The general steps are shown here.

Renovation Request Form
Client will complete the form. Existing floor plans and quotations can be submitted for consultation.
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Schematic Ideas & Quotation
Our qualified architects and designers will present schematic proposal for your dream home. The contract team will provide you with an improve quotation.
Confirmation of Quotation
Client will review and confirm the quotation.
Design Development
The team will develop the schematic proposal for review. Package includes materials, colour scheme and lighting layout.
Upon satisfaction, 3D perspectives will be provided with a detailed schedule.
Submission to Authorities
Application and submission of renovation permit to relevant authority.
Renovation Works
The renovation team will commence work on site.
Handover To Client
Project will be handed over to client with sufficient site inspection.
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Client will complete the form. Existing floor plans and quotations can be submitted for consultation.

Why SG Renovate?

Through the years, we have focused on bringing quality service and a collaborative mode of working together with our clients.

Over 200 happy and satisfied clients have trusted us and we have ironed every single kink for them.

Begin your journey now with our renovation request form.

Cost Savings

A proprietary, fully-integrated system that optimizes spatial planning, material supply, and installation has enabled us to design elegant spaces affordably.

These cost savings are, needless to say, passed on to our clients.

Value-Added Services

We value-add by not just working on our brief in a silo, but also work on reviewing clients’ current quotations.

Our happiest clients appreciate the fair pricing and value-for-money they are able to get out of a revised proposal.

Going Beyond Design

Our qualified architects and designers have provided innovative solutions to create dozens of dream homes.

We combine curiously exploration and creative crafting to nestle a space precisely tailored to our clients’ unique personalities.

Ready to take the next step with us?

Begin your journey with the renovation request form.


We take full ownership of our projects, while also advising you on a fine balance of involvement.


You know best what you want for your space to be – we merge that and bring in professional advice.

Fair Pricing

We profiteer from you – that’s the last thing we want to do. We do not hide any figures from you. It’s just how we are.


Every step of the way, communication and honesty is how we carry ourselves. No two ways about this.

About Us

SGRenovate is one of Singapore’s fastest-growing renovation firms, providing renovation services that fit our clients’ every need.

Being fully qualified architects and designers, our team is highly experienced in all aspects of the renovation process from planning to detailing, and we believe in working in close collaboration with owners to achieve both form and function.

Contact Us

SG Renovate Pte Ltd
a: 38 Mayo Street, Singapore 208318 (by appointment only)
p: +65 9008 6856 | e: hello@renovate.sg

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